Popular Granite Countertop Colors

July 8, 2019

Yes, quartz countertops are continuing to rise in popularity but let’s not discount the fact that granite countertops are still a mainstay in residential construction.  There are many granite countertop colors out there that look amazing with the latest design trends. With its organic look and durability, below are the most popular granite countertop colors of 2019:


  • Spectral

An affordable granite, Spectral is a consistent stone with whites, greys, blacks, and creams.  It pairs with almost any cabinet color and looks great with a ceramic or glass subway tile.  If you are looking for a neutral countertop at a lower price point, then this is a perfect color.

Granite Countertop Colors: Spectral

  • Giallo Ornamental Light

Another economical granite choice is Giallo Ornamental Light. It is a much lighter version of the very classic Giallo Ornamental. With many homeowners still preferring whiter countertops, Giallo Ornamental Light is a very cost-effective way of achieving this look.

Granite Countertop Colors: Giallo Ornamental Light

  • Rio White

A mid-range granite this is a very popular alternative to a White Carrara marble is Rio White.  Like marble, Rio White has a very soft grey and white pattern to it. Some slabs run more white, and others run more grey. As always, it comes down to your preference when choosing your slabs. But, if you are concerned about the maintenance of  White Carrara marble, then Rio white is a great choice.

Granite Countertop Colors: Rio White


  • Artisan White

Artisan White is a bolder patterned granite with a pure white background and chunks of grey and black in it. It is also considered another great alternative to marble, especially marble with deep dramatic veining.

Granite Countertop Colors: Artisan White

  • Black Pearl Leathered

Yes! White granite is not the only color that tops the list.  Black Pearl granite with a leathered finish is trendy right now. If you are looking for more of a contrast with your white cabinetry and want a unique look and feel to your countertops, then Black Pearl Leathered is a perfect choice. Check out this kitchen designed by Revamped by K & K with a black pearl leathered perimeter and a quartz island:

There are endless choices when it comes to granite countertop colors, and it can be overwhelming at times. But, you cannot go wrong when choosing colors from this list.