How Often Should I Seal My Countertops and What Should I Use to Seal Them?

July 26, 2013

There is nothing quite like your Premier Surfaces granite countertop when it is brand new. The stone is gorgeous and glistening, and as it ages, you want it to retain that beautiful luster. The best way to do that is to seal your countertops as they age. Sealing helps your granite countertops resist dirt, spills, etching, and staining.

Sealer works by filling the pores of your countertop so that other liquids can’t. When you first get your countertops installed, we have already given them a good coat of sealer to help ensure their initial beauty, but over time that sealer works its way deeper into the stone, leaving the exterior of your countertops exposed and vulnerable.

Generally speaking, we recommend that you seal your granite countertops once annually. However, if your piece of granite is particularly porous, you may need to apply sealant more frequently than that. Our experienced granite specialists will be able to tell you the frequency with which you should seal your counters to best maintain them.

To seal your granite countertops, you should use a granite sealer that has been designed to resist all stains (make sure it prevents both water and oil stains). You can generally pick this up at your local hardware store. You will also want to pick up specially made granite countertop cleaner on your trip.

Sealing is easy, but it does take a few steps. You will need to clean the counters first with the cleaner you purchased. Follow the cleaner’s instructions, and then allow the countertops to dry. Once the counters are dry, apply the sealer in small areas with a clean rag, allow it to soak in as recommended, and then apply a second coat if desired. Allow your countertops to dry for the full time your sealer recommends before you use them again.