Easy Design Ideas to Take Your Kitchen Into Fall

November 10, 2015

Now that fall is here, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for this beautiful season. Check out some of our design ideas to accent your beautiful countertops and change your kitchen from summer to fall with a few easy tips.

Fall Kitchen Design Ideas

Get inspired with autumn-themed candle holders

Using a clear glass candle holder, or a hurricane lamp, you can create a beautiful autumn-inspired candle holder with a few simple ingredients. Using some dried split peas, popcorn kernels, and dry, white beans, create a layer of each item by pouring into the glass holder. Place the candle on top of the layers, nestling it into the top layer you chose. Tie a colored ribbon or a piece of burlap around the candle holder for a more finished look.

A more rustic option is to use pinecones and acorns in the same way to create a unique piece for your kitchen island.

Opt for a lighted branches floral display

You can find lighted branches at many craft stores. Combine the lighted branches with some branches from your backyard, put them in a galvanized bucket, and you have a beautiful display piece for your kitchen.

Get crafty with candy corn displays

For more fun with candles and food, check out the candy corn candle display. All you need is a tray, votive candle holders, and some candy corn to make this cute candle holder for fall.

Decorate mason jars

Painted mini mason jars are a great way to create an autumn-themed decoration. You can fill the jars with dried grass or flowers, giving your home a new look for fall. Choose a fall color that complements your countertops and your kitchen will look chic and autumnal in no time.

Try a rustic votive holder

You can create a rustic votive holder with an old piece of wood, a piece of burlap and some pinecones. Use your imagination and place the candles along the piece of wood wherever you want them. This rustic chic votive holder would look great on an island, a bar or down the center of your dining room table.

To get your home smelling great, use coffee beans to hold tealights. The tealights will warm up the coffee beans, creating a wonderful aroma.

Gorgeous Countertop Options

No matter how you choose to decorate your kitchen for fall, make sure your countertops remain the center of attention. At Premier Surfaces, we offer granite countertops, quartz countertops, stainless steel countertops and more. Stop by one of our showrooms to check out our collection and find the perfect countertop for your kitchen.