All the Details About Jeweled-Toned Color Granite

December 9, 2014

Jewel Toned Countertops

To say granite countertops are a hot commodity in the housing market is a major understatement.

Though this stone has seen a decade-long reign for residential bathroom and kitchen material choices, there is no doubting its popularity among home buyers.

Granite countertops come in a myriad of colors, but none are more luxurious as the jewel tones.

Everything You Need to Know About Jeweled-Toned Stone

Whereas some products and trends come and go — granite is the classic example of what every homeowner wants and needs. Given that its prices have reached highly competitive levels, we at Premier Surfaces expect sales to only increase in the years to come.

Despite being extremely popular, the best thing about granite is its wide array of color and style variations. Laminate, butcher block, and other kitchen countertop materials certainly look great and perform well under most conditions, but it can be quite difficult to find a style that most people do not already have. If you are not one to be concerned with crafting a special design theme, than this is probably not much of a problem.

Jeweled-toned countertops have seen a surge in sales since their introduction to the market not long ago so what are these and how do they differ from standard granite compositions?

To be clear, these kinds of granite countertops may be classified into the exotic category with regards to their appearance but that does not necessarily mean they are more expensive. Despite the colorful mix of oriental reds, greens and blues that starkly stand out from the rest of the slabs, this type of countertop is priced similarly to your standard granite.

These color striations are not commonly used in granite, so when you come across a piece that has them infused, you definitely cannot mistake their aesthetic appeal. Consider them a rarity of sorts, but jeweled-toned countertops are an excellent way to add instant style to your kitchen or bathroom.

Image Courtesy of: Creative Commons