8 Ways to Be the Perfect Host This Thanksgiving

November 15, 2015

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays here at Premier Surfaces. As the leaves change and the weather cools, we love the way families come together to celebrate each other and what they are thankful each year. If you find yourself hosting Thanksgiving, whether for the 1st time of for the 20th, we want to make sure it’s the best Thanksgiving yet for you and yours. Check out these tips for how to be the perfect host this Thanksgiving holiday.

8 Ways to Host the Best Thanksgiving Ever

1. Make lists and check them twice.

Make a menu listing all items that you will be serving on Thanksgiving. Include dishes, beverages and appetizers on your menu. From this initial list, you can make your shopping list including all ingredients needed for each item. Create a schedule for yourself. Some items can be prepared a day or two in advance of the big dinner, or prepped and placed in the refrigerator until they are ready to go into the oven. Being prepared early will save you the stress of doing everything on Thanksgiving day.

2. Make room in the refrigerator.

Clean out your refrigerator several days before you start cooking and get rid of or freeze small amounts of leftovers. By clearing out your fridge and freezer, you’ll make sure you have space for all of your dishes that you make ahead of time, anything your guests bring, and room for your leftovers after the big day.

3. Have fun with setting your table.

Have any younger children attending your Thanksgiving gathering create the centerpiece. This will keep them busy and out of your kitchen, plus they will get to feel like they contributed to making the day special for the whole family and group of friends.

4. Organize your serving dishes.

Set your serving dishes on your countertop with a sticky note on each that lists the item to place in the dish. Put the serving spoon that is used for the dish inside of it. This ensures that you have the correct size dishes and spoons to serve each item on Thanksgiving without rushing at the last moment and realizing that you don’t have enough dishes. It also helps for you to remember to put the item in the dish, whether it is in the pantry or the refrigerator.

5. Start with something fun.

Eschew your traditional Thanksgiving day appetizers and opt for a festive veggie and meat tray instead. These pre-course bites are a great way to add something fun and unexpected to a somewhat traditional meal.

6. Upgrade your favorite staples.

Punch up your favorite sides by adding a new twist. You can do this by adding spices you already have in your kitchen! For example, spice up your green bean casserole by adding dried basil. Put a spin on your sweet potatoes by adding red pepper. Give your pecan pie crust a kick by adding nutmeg.

7. Use your oven space efficiently.

Lots of traditional Thanksgiving side dishes cook at or around 350 degrees. Instead of cooking them all one at a time, double up and cook more than one item at a time. Just make sure you stay organized with multiple timers and add a few minutes to account for the extra opening of the oven.

8. Offer cocktails and mocktails for guests of all ages.

Who doesn’t love a fun and festive cocktail? Offer a cocktail for your guest that can easily be made into a mocktail so you can serve guests of all ages. Can’t think of something? How about a sparkling cranberry punch or apple cider. Either of these can be made with or without alcohol, so all of your guests can enjoy these delicious drinks.

Following these 8 handy Thanksgiving tips allows you to plan the big dinner in advance, have more time with your guests and enjoy your day with great food, family and fun while not stressing over the meal.