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3 Ways to Incorporate Pantone’s 2016 Colors into Your Kitchen

It’s not difficult to get a trendy kitchen if you know the right tricks. Instead of making big, permanent changes to your kitchen every season, consider smaller changes that will make a big impact. If you need some design inspiration this year, consider incorporating Pantone‚Äôs 2016 colors into your kitchen. This year, Pantone announced that…


Premier Surfaces is MIA Accredited — Here’s Why That’s Important to You

If you are in the process of building or redesigning your home there are many things you need to be wary of. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is where your natural stone is coming from for your kitchen and bathroom surfaces. When selecting the perfect slab for your home, make sure you…


5 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Renovation on Track and on Budget

Have you heard horror stories of kitchen renovations gone wrong? So have we. We also know it does not have to happen to you. Premier Surfaces, your reliable stone countertop provider in Atlanta, helps homeowners stay within budget and avoid costly mistakes. Consider these 5 tips before your kitchen renovation.