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12 Ideas of Christmas for your Kitchen

During the holiday season, you may want to get creative around your home. Don’t be afraid to add some cheer to your kitchen countertops. If you are having guests over for the holidays or even if you want to spruce up your home to look more festive, we have some holiday kitchen countertop decorating ideas to share.


Showing Our Appreciation to a True Hero

It is not every day you come across true heroism and perseverance. U.S. Army Veteran, SFC Aaron M. Causey is the definition of both.


Everyone is Going Gaga over Quartz

Quartz is quickly becoming the number one choice in countertops for kitchen and bath design. This isn’t shocking because the new colors are mimicking marble and granite but offering more durability. So, if you are a person who loves to cook, entertain, and don’t mind red wine being spilled on your counter, then quartz is…