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Be Green this Spring! Get ECO Countertops

You make hundreds of decisions when you are involved in home renovation and construction projects. Settling on budget, style, layout and many other considerations can be exciting, challenging and sometimes frustrating, and there are always compromises to be made. However, one compromise you don’t have to make in your next kitchen project is whether or…


Proper Care for Your Granite Countertops

  Purchasing granite countertops in Atlanta is a wonderful way to accent your kitchen. Not only do they come in many styles, they also never go out of fashion and look fantastic. Not to mention, they’re durable and will last you a long time. However, that’s only if you take care of them properly.


Reasons to Consider Wood Countertops for Your Atlanta Home

Wood countertops are a wonderful and attractive aesthetic alternative to those made of synthetic materials. Incorporating wood into your Atlanta kitchen design adds a warm, rich diversion away from the sterile and cold appearance of industrial or stainless appliances.