Which Countertops are Resistant to High Heat?

September 13, 2013

Shopping for countertops for your new home or kitchen remodel can be a bit confusing. There are many things to consider including color, style, design and functionality. One of the important aspects of functionality in a kitchen environment is the countertop’s heat resistant capabilities.

The many types of countertops that you can choose from include granite, soapstone, quartz, concrete and ceasarstone. Each one of these has heat resistant capabilities, but some perform better than others. Countertop choices that are considered heat-proof include granite, concrete and marble. All of the countertop materials mentioned above offer some level of heat resistance.

Following the advice of experts, whatever countertop material you choose, it is best to treat it kindly and use a trivet for hot items to ensure that you do not damage your countertop. There are varying opinions on the performance of the different countertop solutions among experts. In most cases, for example, granite is considered heat-proof, but some suggest it is only heat resistant so remain on the side of caution and protect the surface.

Each of the examples above is durable, long-lasting and can withstand heat. Heat resistance is a valuable option when choosing your countertops. By avoiding cracks and burns caused by high heat, your counters will last longer and maintain their original beauty. But as with anything, if you use proper care and avoid extreme wear and tear, you will add an extra level of insurance to guarantee they stay looking new.

Ask your countertop professional which will look best in your home and fit your needs. You will be surprised at the beauty and flexibility in choices that are available to you. Quality, custom countertops add value to your home as well as create a functional workplace allowing you to enjoy preparing meals for your family and guests.