Chattanooga Countertops Showroom

Come in and find out why the town in buzzing with excitement about Premier Surfaces’ newest location in Chattanooga, Tennessee! What sets our showroom apart is the fact that you can handpick your dream slab of granite or marble from Chattanooga’s most exclusive selection of natural stone.

Our stone slabs are handpicked from regional suppliers and brought in directly from the quarries on ocean containers. Our unique approach allows us to offer the absolute best quality Chattanooga stone countertops at the best price.

When you visit our showroom, not only can you see beautiful granite, quartz, marble and limestone countertops, but you can also witness our state-of-the-art production process. Premier Surfaces uses a water jet saw and CNC machine, ensuring precision cuts and a flawless final product.

We are also the only company in the region using Slabsmith Perfect Match, which allows you to approve a digital layout of what your countertops will look like before the cutting begins.

Find Quality Materials for Your Bathroom or Kitchen Countertops in Chattanooga

At Premier Surfaces, we pride ourselves on providing an unrivaled selection of high quality countertop materials in Tennessee. Along with our collection of flawless natural stone slabs, we also carry Craft Art Wood, designer tiles, stainless steel and copper sinks, recycled glass and concrete countertops. We believe that transforming your home doesn’t have to entail full-scale remodeling. Visit our showroom and let our reputable design team help you create the indoor or outdoor kitchen of your dreams.