Craft Art Wood Countertops

Add warmth and sophistication to any home with Craft Art solid wood countertops. Custom Craft Art wood products can be used in your kitchen, bathroom and other areas of your home. These are the finest quality wood countertops available on the market and are sure to be a hit with your friends and family!

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  • Black walnut end grain countertop
  • Checkerboard wood kitchen countertop
  • Black walnut plank island counter
  • Distressed black walnut craft kitchen countertop
  • Distressed black walnut island counter
  • Distressed black walnut island countertop
  • Reclaimed chestnut counter
  • Close up of kitchen island with wood countertop
  • Renovated kitchen
  • Wenge wood island countertop in contemporary kitchen
  • Wenge wood island counter
  • Zebrawood (wood island countertop)