Cosentino Silestone™ Countertops

Silestone™ is a durable quartz surface designed for countertops, worktops and sinks. Not only do they offer sophisticated elegance and timeless beauty, but they offer bacteriostatic protection. The natural quartz in Silestone™ delivers distinctive depth, brilliant clarity, glimmering radiance and a cool, solid feel that is unique to natural stone surfaces.

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  • Triple pencil Silestone counter
  • Metallic Silestone countertops
  • Kitchen counter with lemons
  • Red Silestone with sink and drain board
  • Red Silestone
  • Baby on Silestone counter
  • Silestone counter and kitchen sink close up
  • Laminated Silestone kitchen island
  • Silestone modern vanity
  • Silestone counter
  • Silestone kitchen island
  • Silestone
  • Pink and black Silestone kitchen
  • Pink Silestone by Cosentino countertops
  • Silestone countertops
  • Beige Silestone countertops
  • Silestone kitchen island
  • Silestone in kitchen
  • Silestone counter top
  • Silestone double vanity