Make Sure your Countertop Installation Crew Hasn’t Had Too Much Eggnog!

December 9, 2012

Your holiday get-together is right around the corner, and your countertops are still sitting in the warehouse, waiting to be installed. You’ve left message after message with your countertop installation company that the work isn’t done, and they haven’t returned your phone call. The stress is enough to drive a person mad! You fight yourself, because you know you should have done more research on the company before you hired them. Now you’re stuck, with a half-completed kitchen renovation and a load of money out the door.

Sadly, this situation happens more often than not, and homeowners are left holding the bag, or unfinished kitchen, only to be forced to put forth more money to hire another installation crew to repair and renovate their kitchen. Many homeowners, and understandably so, make choices based upon the overall price of the project, instead of focusing on the reputation of the company. This leaves many out thousands of dollars, when all they wanted was new countertops.

Find a Good Crew

Even though it is the holiday season, you don’t want your crew showing up smelling of eggnog or any other adult beverage. Impaired workers can lead to a multitude of mistakes, which can leave you shelling out more money to correct the poor quality of work. Sloppy work is one of the most common complaints of installation and construction companies, so why chance your kitchen countertops to a company which has a less than spotless reputation? Is saving a few dollars worth the risks of poor workmanship?

When you hire a team to do a job, you want the job done right the first time; you don’t want to call in a second, more professional team, like the team at Premier Surfaces, to come in to repair the damage done by the first. Not only does it prolong your renovation but it costs you more money out of pocket. So instead of wasting your time and money on a less than qualified team, why not call in the experts at Premier Surfaces to complete your job in a timely manner? With quality workmanship and a courteous staff, the team at Premier Surfaces can get your holidays started off right with a professional installation of your kitchen countertops.

Premier Surfaces boasts a highly trained countertop installation team and prides themselves on being reliable, efficient and professional. On every job, they offer their clients the epitome of quality workmanship. If you want your countertops installed properly, the experts at Premier Surfaces can do so in time for your next get-together. With Premier Surfaces, homeowners can be assured that the only eggnog that is flowing will be at your holiday party!