Cambria Countertops: Popular Colors

July 12, 2018


Cambria is known for their cutting edge quartz countertop design. Many of our designers love the look of Cambria countertops and frequently ask about them when visiting our showrooms. Cambria has a total palette of more than 145 designs across nine collections. All are offered in the matte or a high-gloss finish. And like other quartz products, Cambria countertops are nonporous, scratch and stain resistant.

Below is a list of popular colors requested by our clients:



A very popular color that mimics some of the most desired marbles out there, Brittanicca is a quartz countertop that truly makes a statement. With its large deep veining, it works perfectly on a kitchen island.  It’s monochromatic look is also very versatile when it comes to any style.  Here it is in a transitional kitchen with white and dark brown cabinetry and accented with duck egg blue:


Cambria countertops

Brittanicca Warm

Warmer grey tones have been a mainstay the past couple of years, and the trend doesn’t look to slow down.  After the popularity of Brittanicca, Cambria introduced Brittanicca Warm in 2017,  It has the same dramatic pattern, but is more greige.  This color works well with warm white or dark cabinetry.



Torquay is part of Cambria’s Marble Collection.  Similar to White Carrara marble, Torquay is truly a classic color that pairs well with any style.  Less dramatic than Brittanica, it works well in spaces with smaller countertop areas. Here it is in a traditional master bathroom:


Cambria Countertops


Summerhill is part of the Coastal Collection.  Similar to colors like Bianco Antico and Rio White,  Summerhill is a great alternative if you like the look of white granite.  And as you can see, it pairs great with white or bold painted cabinetry:


Cambria Countertops

Blackpool Matte

For those who prefer darker countertops, Blackpool Matte is a fantastic option.  It is part of the Desert Collection and provides a very sleek look without the shine.  Also, it pairs well with Torquay countertops.  So, if you are looking to contrast your perimeter and kitchen island, this would be a good option.


Cambria Countertops