Budget Tips for Kitchen Renovations

January 6, 2015

kitchen remodel

Who doesn’t love to save money?

Everyone can appreciate a good deal, especially homeowners.

When faced with rising neighborhood competition, and at-times unforgiving real estate market, getting the best bang for your buck while simultaneously boosting equity is the ultimate win-win.

No one ever said boosting home equity was super easy, but it is certainly possible with a bit of strategic planning and a budget-conscious mindset. 

Renovating your kitchen on a budget

Ask anybody who has ever owned a home what room they would prefer to renovate or remodel if given the chance. Many of them would either say their master bedroom or kitchen. The latter is especially popular, and for the obvious reasons.

There is just something aesthetically appealing about a cooking/dining space that is adorned with sleek, shiny appliances, plenty of beautiful tile and counter space. And let us not forget the effect a new set of granite countertops can have along with an overall open layout that is comfortable and inviting.

Sure, these are all great things to have and wish for, but without a little thing called money (perhaps not so little), you cannot reasonably expect those dreams to become a reality. Without a definable budget, one that has clear boundaries as far as spending limits go, you may as well be reaching for the (remodeling) stars!

Unless you have plans to purchase state of the art appliances or super high quality countertops, cabinetry is most likely going to be your biggest expense.

To save a bundle, considering that the cabinets are in good structural condition, reface or refinish instead of replacing them. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware is a lot less expensive than a full blown tear out.

In addition, installing tiles on your counters instead of one large granite slab is a money-saving alternative not many homeowners know about.

If you are looking to save some money in your kitchen renovations, consider using metal back splashes instead of tile. Not many people know this, but you can purchase open item stainless steel appliances that come with minor blemishes.

An easy and affordable fix would be to simply update your lighting fixtures.

Kitchens are often the busiest rooms in our homes, so a little change is sure to go a long way.

Image Courtesy of: Creative Commons