Measuring the Square Footage of Granite Countertops

When shopping for granite countertops, it is helpful to have an estimate of the square footage of granite that the job requires. By using some simple math formulas, you can get a fairly accurate figure.


Attention-grabbing Sign Leaves a Lasting Impression

No, our sign is correct: give her the big rock she really wants! She doesn’t want jewelry. She wants granite and Premier Surfaces is just the fabricator to give her quality stone at a reasonable price.


Make Sure your Countertop Installation Crew Hasn’t Had Too Much Eggnog!

While the eggnog may be in your kitchen, you don’t want it in your countertop installation team’s hands, especially when they’re installing your surfaces! Don’t trust your countertop installation to just any company. The experts at Premier Surfaces are ready and willing to install your new countertops without delay or sloppy work.