The Advantages of Caesarstone Quartz

Choosing new kitchen countertops can be exciting for a homeowner. However, with so many choices for countertop materials, how could you ever choose one? Kitchen countertops are major investments, therefore, your decision should not be taken lightly.

Be wise in this decision and consider all of your options — consult experts and do research.

Our stone countertops experts at Premier Surfaces suggest that you take a look at Caesarstone quartz.  Continue reading

Consider Silestone as an Option To Brighten Your Home

When it comes to buying new kitchen countertops, many homeowners are quick to invest in granite. This classic stone is so popular due to its natural beauty and its ability to substantially increase housing values.

Granite kitchen countertops are far from the only available option these days, though, and more and more people are choosing to decorate their living spaces with alternative surfaces. Silestone is one such product, and it provides just as many benefits as granite. So what exactly is silestone and why should you consider installing in your home? Continue reading

Save Energy by Installing a Customized Fireplace Insert

Have you been searching for a way to keep your home warm and toasty in the winter without running up a ridiculously high eating bill? Our natural granite experts know that struggle is real for millions of homeowners across the country, including those of us living in the South. Autumn is nearing its end, and the nightly temperatures will soon hit chilly averages, making the need for an efficient home heat source all the more important and timely.

No one can deny the nostalgic appeal of a wood-burning fireplace. Lounging with loved ones in front of crackling flames on a cold winter evening sounds lovely, but the harsh reality is that traditional fireplaces are notorious for their wastefulness. Did you know that the majority of the heat produced by conventional wood burners is lost up the chimney? You are in essence wasting your money despite the strong sense of comfort that these devices create. Continue reading

Have You Considered Wood Countertops for Your Bathroom?

Wood imbues any space with a warm and cozy feeling that is difficult for other materials to match, however, many homeowners shy away from installing wood countertops in a moisture-rich environment such as the bathroom. Images of warped, water-damaged wood are hard to erase, but modern technology and recent discoveries now give homeowners the opportunity to have beautiful wood bathroom countertops without fear of moisture damage.

As a successful Atlanta countertop company with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we appreciate the beauty of a wood surface. Below are some reasons why you should not hesitate to install a wood counter in your bathroom. Continue reading

Guide To Organizing Your Bathroom Countertop

As a trusted and dependable supplier of top-grade granite countertops in Atlanta, our customers have told us time and again how much they enjoy our products. Show off your Premier Surfaces counters and increase your enjoyment of your home by getting rid of countertop clutter. Below are practical tips on how to keep clutter off your bathroom counters to let the natural beauty of your Atlanta granite countertop shine through. Continue reading

Maximize the Space in a Smaller Kitchen

In real estate parlance, “cozy” typically means small. If your house has a cozy kitchen, don’t despair. As Atlanta granite countertop experts, we have a few tips on how to maximize space in a smallish kitchen.

Maximize Storage

Run your kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling and have a handy step ladder at the ready so you can easily reach items you have on the top shelves. Ceiling pot racks are an excellent (and attractive) way to free up valuable counter space. For easier accessibility, fit cabinet interiors with slide-out shelves. Install swing-out Lazy Susans for your blind-corner cabinets to utilize every available storage space. Continue reading

Sink Styles That Will Last in a Busy Kitchen

The heart of the modern American home, the kitchen is almost always a hub of activity. Slicing, dicing, mincing, washing, drying, braising, baking — the kitchen sees an almost endless stream of activity each day. This is why, as long-time Atlanta countertop experts, we often remind our customers to choose a kitchen counter material that can stand up to the kind of activity that goes on in their kitchen on a regular basis. It is also important to make sure the kitchen sink you install can deliver the kind of performance required in a busy kitchen. Continue reading

Current Design Trends

In our many years of experience as a successful Atlanta countertop company, we have seen home design trends come and go. Some trends have staying power. For example, stainless steel appliances are still quite popular among homeowners despite the fact that it has been several years since it first claimed the design spotlight. Others, like avocado green kitchens, simply die a natural death.

Various design trends have definitely had an impact on several aspects of the kitchen, including backsplashes, flooring and countertops in Atlanta. Below are current directions in design that have been embraced by both homeowners and home designers that might give you an idea for your own kitchen. Continue reading

Environmentally Friendly Countertops

Although we are a long-time supplier of high-quality Atlanta granite countertops, we also carry a wide assortment of countertops made from other materials. Many environmentally conscious homeowners now look for eco-friendly countertop materials to install in their homes and business establishments. Below is a brief description of a variety of countertop brands with low environmental impact that we carry. Continue reading

How To Clean the 7 Most Popular Surfaces

We have been a reliable supplier of a variety of high-quality Atlanta countertops for many years. In that time, we have acquired a vast collection of knowledge and useful information that we have shared with our customers through the years.

One important recommendation we always make to our customers is to clean their countertops regularly and properly. This will ensure that they get many years of use and enjoyment from their countertops in their Atlanta home. Continue reading