Learn About Exotic and Specialty Granite

Exotic Granit

Granite will forever remain a timeless bathroom and kitchen countertop material. The sheer beauty of this stone cannot be denied, and coupled with its durability and long-lasting appeal in terms of equity improvements and resale value, it is hardly a surprise that granite sales remain high to this day.

Straight from the quarries to our warehouses, the slabs that Premier Surfaces carries are all unique in their own right. We carry a wealth of color striations and variations, and we invite you to also check out the more exotic granite products we have in stock.  Continue reading

Save Money with These DIY Kitchen Renovation Tips

Budget Remodeling

Aside from countless New Year resolutions made by people to get in shape, become financially independent, and otherwise live healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles, one thing many homeowners share this time of year is a commitment to remodeling projects.

Regardless of whether that is a new set of kitchen countertops, a new room addition or a bathroom makeover, you need money, time and a solid plan to move the job status from brainstormed ideas to complete.

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What to Look for When Picking Your Home Remodeling Team

Remodeling Team Research

Hiring a contractor is rarely a simple process. One would think that the process should be quick and easy, but most of the time it is anything but that.

Knowing who to choose and trust to adequately handle your remodeling needs is stressful to say the least. If you are interested in new kitchen countertops or want to install a set of granite slabs in your master bath, here are some tips so you can hire the right company for the job. Continue reading

Budget Tips for Kitchen Renovations

kitchen remodel

Who doesn’t love to save money?

Everyone can appreciate a good deal, especially homeowners.

When faced with rising neighborhood competition, and at-times unforgiving real estate market, getting the best bang for your buck while simultaneously boosting equity is the ultimate win-win.

No one ever said boosting home equity was super easy, but it is certainly possible with a bit of strategic planning and a budget-conscious mindset.  Continue reading

Steps to Planning a Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen Remodel

Every homeowner can attest to the joy that a remodeling or renovation project can bring. Though it is indeed one of the major reasons why plenty of people pinch their pennies all year, a boost in equity is far from the only reason why so many of us are ecstatic when it comes to performing home improvement projects. It is a great feeling to take pride in where you live, and the uniqueness with which we decorate our family living spaces is what makes us unique as people.  Continue reading

All the Details About Jeweled-Toned Color Granite

Jewel Toned Countertops

To say granite countertops are a hot commodity in the housing market is a major understatement.

Though this stone has seen a decade-long reign for residential bathroom and kitchen material choices, there is no doubting its popularity among home buyers.

Granite countertops come in a myriad of colors, but none are more luxurious as the jewel tones. Continue reading

The Origin of Granite

Natural Granite

Granite will forever be one of the go-to materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

It is a timeless material that never fails to impress. Strong, durable, and beautiful, it has served countless homeowners very well over the years.

Before it is carved, cut, and molded into those stunning slabs you see in Premier Surfaces’ showrooms, this stone is first excavated from rock quarries in various parts of the world. The vast majority of granite used in residential and commercial applications comes from Central and South America, where one can find some of the grandest quarries in the world. Continue reading