Be Green this Spring! Get ECO Countertops

ECO recycled countertops

You make hundreds of decisions when you are involved in home renovation and construction projects. Settling on budget, style, layout and many other considerations can be exciting, challenging and sometimes frustrating, and there are always compromises to be made. However, one compromise you don’t have to make in your next kitchen project is whether or not to be environmentally responsible. Our new ECO by Cosentino countertops offer beautiful, durable, and high-quality options that are environmentally sustainable. Continue reading

Tips for Maximizing Your Kitchen Space


A kitchen functions only as well as its homeowner does. There is a prevailing mindset in America that bigger is better, but this is not necessarily true. It does not matter how much space or available square footage you may have, but rather what you do with it. The solution is not always to install more kitchen countertops, although we can never get enough of natural granite! Continue reading

Things That Should NOT Be Placed on Your Granite Countertops


There is no question that stone countertops surpass their laminate counterparts in most respects, but despite what you have probably heard, even the highest quality granite slabs are not impervious to damage. While there is a far lower risk of harm from cutlery, heat and general wear and tear, just know your countertops are indeed susceptible to these types of issues.

You likely spent many hours sifting through various products before settling on the perfect stone for your newly remodeled kitchen, so why put your investment in harm’s way? Below is a quick summary of items that should never come into contact with those granite countertops you so meticulously picked out! Continue reading

10 Funniest DIY Remodeling Fails and How To Avoid Them


We all make mistakes. It is a natural part of life and is what helps us learn and grow as people.

Sometimes, however, certain no-no’s can end up costing us big time — not to mention give us a hearty laugh and remind us not to take things too seriously.

Everyone has heard horror stories about inexperienced homeowners attempting to remodel or renovate their property only to find that it is not as easy as picking up a hammer or using a paintbrush. Sure, it may look simple on HGTV and other popular do-it-yourself network shows, but the fact of the matter is, remodeling is hard work.  Continue reading

Design Inspirations for Your Kitchen Remodel


2015 is finally upon us, meaning it is time to jump-start those resolutions, and what better way to get started than by paying some special attention to your kitchen!

A new set of stainless steel appliances, cabinets that are stunning and full of color, granite countertops in place of that existing laminate – the possibilities are endless, so have fun and start exploring your creative side! Here are some ideas to consider as you design the kitchen of your dreams. Continue reading