Tips for Matching Your Countertop Color

Interior design is both an art and a science. The innovative use of space and light along with the interplay of colors, shapes and textures demands both discipline and creativity. In designing active spaces such as kitchens, the aspect of functionality is added to the equation. Homeowners and designers alike face the challenge of getting the right mix in order to end up with a space that works well and is appealing to the senses.

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Go Green with Our ECO Products by Cosentino Surfaces

We are very excited to be able to offer our customers the entire line of ECO countertops from Cosentino Surfaces. Although there are many different “environmentally friendly” countertops available, we believe that the ECO countertop line is one of the most environmentally conscious surfaces available. Continue reading

Bring New Life to Your Living Space with a Granite Fireplace

Adding a granite fireplace to your home makes it feel warmer and more inviting while simultaneously improving the timeless elegance of the space. Bring new life to your house by adding one of our chic and durable granite fireplaces.

Single Slab or Tiles

When you choose to add granite to your fireplace façade, you will have a multitude of options available for how to build the fireplace itself. You can build it out of a single slab of granite, which offers your fireplace a smooth, clean look without those unsightly grout lines. If you are more interested in a patterned tile facade, you could also choose from a variety of tiling options or combine tile and slabs to create an unforgettable finish. Continue reading

Granite Looks Great as a Backsplash, Too!

The kitchen is the heart of every true household, and as such, it must exceed the requirements necessary to provide an appealing and functional atmosphere for all culinary and social needs. Granite countertops are often the focal point of kitchen decoration and design. Our experienced professionals understand this and strive to offer the highest quality granite countertops and backsplashes. When coupled with our award-winning customer service, we work to transform your house into your dream home. Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Kitchen Countertops

Choosing the right color for your kitchen countertops can be a difficult choice. In our warehouse alone, there are thousands of options, each of which could fit beautifully in a specific space—but they aren’t always the right look for your space. Finding the right color is a delicate balance between design scheme, individual décor elements and optimizing your investment. Continue reading

Halloween Giveaway

Halloween is one of the Premier Surface team’s favorite times of the year. It’s a holiday that everyone can enjoy, and it’s always a whole lot of fun for the whole family. Typically, our showroom staff will dress up on Halloween and hand out little treats to neighborhood children who drop by. However, we want to change things up a bit this year!

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