2018 Design Trends for Kitchens

February 20, 2018
Marble Countertop Kitchens

Mix-and-max cabinetry kitchen by Design Theory Huntsville

February is Designer Month at Premier Surfaces and a 2018 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study has 87 percent of homeowners looking to redesign their kitchens. So the year is definitely setting the stage for some exciting new styles.  From a wood countertop island to mix-and-match cabinetry, below are 5 trends to keep in mind when designing that dream kitchen.

Greige and Ultraviolet


Greige is here to stay because it goes with everything and creates a soft backdrop for your overall design. The monochromatic look has been a mainstay for a few years now. But consider adding pops of color like red, orange, or blue. What about ultraviolet? Yes! Pantone has named ultraviolet the color of the year. Grab a paintbrush and get to it!


Mixing the Elements


A white kitchen is still very popular, yet many homeowners are now looking to mix it up. Don’t be afraid of adding darker elements to your kitchen design. For instance, a quartz countertop perimeter looks amazing with a wood countertop island.  Consider going bold with mix-and-match cabinetry.  We love the robin’s egg blue island with grey cabinets pictured above by Design Theory Huntsville.


All that Glitters is Gold

Brass hardware and lighting fixtures came roaring back into 2017. Designers are also incorporating other shades of gold into the home. Brushed antiqued gold and rose gold are other alternatives to the brighter tone of brass. In general, gold fixtures standout more against the soft, muted colors of a marble or quartz countertop and make a statement.


L-Shaped Kitchens 

Kitchens with large islands that open to the family room are here to stay, but the L-shaped kitchen is also replacing the dated U-shaped kitchen.  L-shaped kitchens are functional and versatile in every way. If you do not have space for a very large island, this kitchen layout is a perfect choice.


Concrete Countertops, but consider Quartz


Industrial chic concrete countertops continue to gain popularity. Be sure to research both the positives and negatives before committing yourself.  Concrete countertops are a porous material. They’re susceptible to staining, scratching, and even bacterial growth. This countertop type also requires resealing every 3 years. Concrete is a time investment because it can take up to 28 days to cure.  Quartz is an alternative for those considering concrete.  Contrary to concrete, it is a nonporous countertop material that does not require sealing.  Caesastone’s Rugged Concrete or Vivid’s Pebble Honed quartz offer the best of both options with a concrete look minus the hassle.


Quartz Countertops Kitchens

Caesarstone’s Rugged Concrete